Remotes SKR433

Components out of the series SKR433 are compatible with each other.

Remote Transmitters SKR433:

MIDI-Sender SKR433-3
MIDI-Transmitter SKR433-3
MINI-Handsender SKRJ433
MINI-Transmitter SKRJ433
Wand-Funktaster SKR2W433
Wall-Transmitter SKR2W433
Codeschloss SKR4C433-1
Digi Pad SKR4C433-1
MIDI-Handsender SKR433-1
MIDI-Transmitter SKR433-1
Codeschloß SKR4C433
Digi Pad SKR4C433
MIDI-Handsender SKR433
MIDI-Transmitter SKR433

SKR433 Remote-Receivers:

MINI-Funkempfänger, 24V
MINI-Receiver, 24V
MINI-Empfänger 230V
MINI-Receiver, 230V